so a little about me...

Being in front of the lens can be a really vulnerable experience so its only fair I share a little about myself with you.  Soooo...I can be quiet & aloof at the best of times which I could blame on my Aquarian nature but is more likely due to the fact that I'm half deaf and can zone out really easily.  This trait  has come in super handy since having kids. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm not quite of this era and if you message me in abbreviations I'll probably have to Google them

I'm in my happy place with a coffee, a book or some nice chocolate and in heaven with all three.


I love the ocean, and horses and if you meet me by the ocean, at dawn, with a horse - I'll shoot you for free.  I love a good Netflix show and I'm mortified to admit it but I quite enjoy the Bachelor.       

I should say my kids are also my happy place..and they are - when they both brush their hair, clean their teeth, pack their bags and get in the car on time.  I mean how hard is it?  It's an EVERY DAY routine.  I'm not throwing any Pepsi challenges at anyone.

Some interesting facts - I once thought Anon was a Philosopher with the best quotes EVER.  I've once pooped in a shoe box in Bali because my girlfriend was dealing with her own explosion in the loo.  I've been detained at Singapore airport for bullet possession - family heirloom, long story.  You just think of these stories while I'm shooting you and we'll get lots of happy pics! 

I love motorbikes but sold mine in order buy my first pro camera...which leads to ..

I LOVE photography. I edit images in my dreams.  I count lenses to get to sleep...

No really, I love what I do and I want you to know that I will go above and beyond in what you expect of me.  I want to give you pictures that make your heart swell, or bring tears to your eyes or make you laugh out loud (that's LOL for you young crew - see I'm learning!)

I'm currently completing my bachelor of Photography and Graphic Illustration at Curtin University.  I have a full studio set up at home for professional portraits, couples and newborn shoots.


I love utilizing natural light and encourage people to consider outdoor locations that are conducive to more relaxed sessions. A fun, relaxed atmosphere allows for people’s personalities to shine through which result in more natural, impromptu images.


Everyone wants to tell their story in a unique and memorable way so please get in touch and we can discuss any ideas you have.  I will do my best to create photographs that you'll treasure well into those years of reminiscence, where you marvel over those beautiful, fleeting and irrevocable moments in time - which is what photography is all about really.